Alchemedicine, Inc. (the “Company”) recognizes and respects the privacy rights of individuals as social obligation and key factor to run our business with social credit. Company works following subjects with secure maintenance and use of personal information.

1. Security of Personal Information

Company assigns the manager for protection of personal information in accordance with Company’s rule for that.

2. Purpose of Use and Collecting Information

In case Company collects name, address, telephone number or email address of individual, Company will inform such individual of the purpose of use and the contact information and collect appropriate information for such purpose only.

3. Use of Personal Information

Company use personal information based on prior approval by such individual. Other than collection of personal information, Company use personal information solely for Company’s own business.

4. No Disclosure and Distribution

Nonetheless we have prior consent from individual or request of disclosure according to laws or regulations, Company will not provide or distribute personal information to any third party.

5. Management of Subcontractor

In order to meet the purpose which individual agreed, Company shall put similar policy in contact with subcontractor to securely maintain personal information on their end.

6. Maintenance and Improvement of Information Security

Company continuously keeps improving the system for security of personal information to avoid disclosure, distribute, loss or revise personal information.

7. Education

Company shall educate all executives and employees for understanding the importance of personal information security and using such information decently.

8. Disclosure and Revision of Personal Information

Company shall provide or disclose personal information to any third party in case;

  • ・Company must comply with legal obligation or,
  • ・Company decides that information disclosure from Company’s partner shall be appropriate according to request from individual or,
  • ・Company provide or disclose personal information to Company’s partner with appropriate personal information security or,
  • ・Company has prior consent from individual or,
  • ・Company decides that it needs to protect customer or people’s life, health or asset from severe damage or,
  • ・Company receives inquire from public organization based on legal rights.

In case there is request from individual or customer regarding information disclosure or revision, Company will take appropriate action after confirmation of personal information and inquirer.

9. Continuous Improvement

Company shall comply with regulation or policy about personal information security and keep improving Company’s action to secure personal information continuously based on social policy in this regard.